Accepted File Formats

We use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for all file prep work. You may send us any type of file compatible with either program. Pdf files are preferred whenever possible. Raster Images: Images should be flattened and sent as .tif files (.jpg images will work, but will usually be compressed more resulting in poor image quality). For standard size banners, files should be set at full size at 75-100 ppi. Files that are sent at less than file size will need to have the resolution increased proportionately. If you create your file at 1/2 scale, increase the resolution accordingly to 150-200 ppi. For smaller, high-res prints, you can increase the resolution up to 300 ppi. Vector Images: Vector based images are preferred when possible because of their quality, file size and more accurate colors. Files should be sent as .ai or .eps with ALL FONTS CONVERTED TO OUTLINES. (Most of the problems we see come from missing fonts!) If you are using a program other than Illustrator you should be able to export your file as an .eps with fonts converted to outlines or curves.

File Preparation

All vector based files should be saved in CMYK. Any RGB photographic raster images can be sent in RGB. Files must be sized or scaled correctly. For scaled-down files, always include enlarging instructions (such as “enlarge 200%”).

Sending Your Files

  • Files can be submitted on our website during the order process at
  • Files can also be submitted via our direct FTP site. Contact us for FTP access information and password.
  • Files can also we delivered via DropBox, so please contact us for a link to upload your file.


Be sure to proofread and spellcheck your files prior to sending them to us for printing. We also suggest sending a proof with your file, but don’t require it. When you provide a proof, it allows us to verify that file has opened correctly. Proofs can be printed copies or a flattened .jpg, .gif, .tif or .pdf files.

Colors & Color Matching

Unless you request otherwise, colors will be printed AS IS, without any alteration on our part. Please note that printed colors and on-screen colors typically vary to some extent, which can lead to unexpected results should you prepare your files based on how the colors look on-screen.

Exact color matching fees normally start at $50.00 and are billed at our hourly rate of $100.00. For exact color matching, you must provide PMS numbers or a physical color swatch. You may also be required to approve an actual printed proof before we complete your job, so plan on a few extra days for jobs with color matching. Because some colors are easier to match than others, we may be able to waive the $30.00 minimum. Please contact us for details and prices. We can usually quote you a color matching price in advance.